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Why Spend $3 Million On A New Countach When The Original Is So Much Cheaper?


This particular example was dry-stored in the UK for several years and only has 5,495 kilometers (3,434 miles) on the clock. It’s not one of the ultra-rare right-hand drive models, so you can easily use it in the States.

The previous owner acquired the car in 2002 from a Swiss owner who purchased it new. It landed in the current owner’s lap in 2006 but was only registered for road use in 2009. It spent most of its time as part of a car collection and was rarely driven.

Even so, the Countach is infamous for being a finicky supercar, so it was delivered to the UK-Based DK Engineering to get it fit for sale. The owner spent more than £26,000 ($32,000) to strip-clean the carburetors, replace the master brake cylinder, adjust the timing chain, and replace the cooling pipes.

It’s now looking for a new owner, and if we had to choose between this or a new one, we know which icon we’d be parking in the garage.

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