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There’s Now A Ford F-150 Lightning In Every State Across America


Emre Gol is one such individual. The Texas-based Lightning Lariat owner uses the pickup for his remodeling business and adores the practicality offered up by the frunk. “This truck is a workhorse. We have driven more than 3,000 miles already and towed and carried hundreds of pounds of concrete in the frunk,” he added.

For Chris Ashley, the F-150 Lightning is the first electric vehicle he has ever purchased. After years of contemplating EV ownership, Ashley ordered his cherished pickup truck after his wife, Emily, convinced him to. “The Lightning is the best thing I have ever purchased … with this truck, I can enhance my love of tailgating while at the same time [playing] a small role in creating a better planet for my children.”

The Maryland resident is just one of many people that are making the switch to EVs with the F-150 Lightning. A recent survey showed that, for nearly 80% of early reservation holders, the Lightning would be their first fully electric vehicle.

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