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New Tests Reveal Subaru Outback As Safest Midsize Car To Buy


  • The IIHS changes the parameters of the side impact test to account for heavy EVs
  • Under the new standards, several high-profile cars received a Poor rating
  • Subaru Outback only midsize car to get a Good rating

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) ensures that safety levels remain high across the automotive industry. This means it has to keep an eye on emerging trends, including the move toward electrification.

A recent study found that SUVs are a more significant risk to pedestrians. Now EVs are under the spotlight due to weight. The average weight of a new car is increasing thanks to heavy battery packs, so the IIHS has to adapt its standardized tests.

This means the side impact barrier smashed into cars now weighs 4,180 pounds and strikes the vehicle at 37 mph. As we mentioned when the IIHS tested small crossovers, this is up from the original 3,300 lbs at 31 mph evaluation used to test cars.

On that occasion, the Mazda CX-5 was the lone vehicle to get a Good overall rating. In this test – focused on midsize cars – only one car, the Subaru Outback, emerged with a Good rating.

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