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Looking Back At 50 Years Of The Chevrolet Blazer


The S10 Blazer was now just the Blazer, but it carried on using the truck platform it was originally named after. The design became sleeker and more aerodynamic but wasn’t too far from its predecessor in function. The wheelbase remained the same with two- and four-door versions available with a carryover in engine and transmission options. A couple of years in, 1997 became its most important update period with a conventional hatchback offered on four-door models over a split tailgate, a full-time four-wheel-drive system was introduced, and a ZR2 trim level arrived specifically for off-roading. The ZR2 upgrade was only available on the two-door model with four-wheel-drive, but it wasn’t the only upgraded model offered. In 2001, Chevrolet introduced the sporty-looking Blazer Xtreme, which featured lowered suspension, unique wheels, and a body kit.

As the Blazer wound down for 2005, only two-door models were available to the general public, and the four-door model was exclusive to fleet buyers. The Chevy Equinox, on its unibody platform and front-wheel drivetrain, was introduced to replace the Blazer for people that just wanted the everyday utility, while customers who wanted a traditional SUV were left with the larger TrailBlazer. The Trailblazer was originally a trim level for the Blazer, but from 2001, Chevy turned it into a full model.

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