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Jaguar Land Rover CEO on chips, EVs, quality and Discovery | Autocar


We know you’re working flat out on the new electrified Jaguar line-up — but what about new Land Rover models?

“We will advance some of those, too, even ahead of schedule to cope with electrification. But I can’t give details yet.”

Your Land Rover brands are extremely strong, buteven so you have work to do on the Land Rover Discovery family, is that correct?

“Yes it is. Our success with the new Defender has definitely had an effect on Discovery’s position. But we believe there is a great role for Discovery within Land Rover as a family of its own, and we are working hard on that.”

What sort of niche can Discovery have?

“It has always been a very family-oriented model, answer want to enhance that. It needs to have many of the best characteristics of our luxury models, but with the emphasis on practicality and accessibility.”

Given the relatively high prices of your cars, and the demand for new models like Defender, surely you must be the envy of the car world?

“Yes, I believe you are right. We certainly have many satisfied customers. Only yesterday I was talking to one of my neighbours who has a Range Rover Sport. He stopped me in the street and said ‘Thank you, Thierry. Thank you for my car.’ It was a great moment.”

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