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7 Greatest V12-Powered Sports Cars


The first V12 engine appeared in 1904 to power boats for racing, but its big, smooth power made it ideal for luxury and race cars. One of the first automotive uses was in a race car in 1913 in the UK, while one of the first applications for a production passenger car was the 1915 Packard Twin Six in the US. To this day, V12s are found in high-end sports and luxury cars. Japanese automakers tend to avoid large displacement engines, but the most luxurious Japanese luxury car, the Toyota Century, is the only one to use a V12.

Recently, BMW built its last flagship car with a V12, which signals the end of an era. Ferrari still makes a thrilling V12 in cars like the 812 Competizione, but tightening emissions regulations and the low-volume nature of the V12 as we rely more on hybrid power mean it won’t be long before it is completely retired from the road. That means it’s time to celebrate some of the greatest cars with V12 engines.

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